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Monday, December 04, 2006

PB: The Killing Box

At last, I found the PB’s fall finale episode in the net after days and days of searching. What a fruitful day today is! After series of searches, my patience paid off. Nice reward, I’ve got.

I know, I know. I’m kinda far behind from schedule but boy, was I so darn happy that I found it (and able to view it!). Last week, despite my better judgment, I was not able to keep myself from reading the summary. But it didn’t lessen my anticipation; if it were possible, reading even fueled it some more.

I could have cared less that the episodes (from you tube) were chopped into parts, I’m too engrossed to the series of events unfolding before my eyes. I must give credits to the writers/directors and the peeps behind this great show. And for the superb storytelling.

I must say that I am far from contented after seeing it. I am clamoring for moooooore! My God, I am thinking of the word “sobriety” just now. This is really what the producers are expecting, right? But this is clean fun, y’know. And I can’t wait for next year’s episodes. Too bad, I have to wait for more than a month before I can see the new episodes again.

I- along with the rest of the PB addicts- will be waiting. Sure thing.

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