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Friday, December 01, 2006


Funny how a picture can elicit this much emotions. And funny how I can get so melodramatic at an instance such as this.

At last, I was able to open my mail when I got in the office today. I wasn’t able to do so at home. Must be because of the bulk of the attachment that opening it using my phone this morning is a hopeless case. Just when I needed to.

So this is the email that my husband sent the other night which I didn’t receive--that he had to resend last night. These are his pics, must have been taken during one of their excursions somewhere in Cebu. He had this “sniper” attire on and I have no idea when or where these were taken. I am surprised; and it's a pleasant feeling.

As I was staring at the picture on the screen, you bet that I really am smiling. But deep inside I’m throbbing with -fine, let’s admit it- this thingie called loneliness. I can’t help it. Miss my hubby, big time. Esp that he’s flown to Japan just this morning (and will be staying there for 3 weeks or so).
And so I thought I’m already used to him being away from us. Yeah, I thought. And sadly, I'm wrong. Ah, seas apart even if he’s in the country -most of the time, that is. But then, the difference is I could just easily get to him when he’s in Cebu – with just a phonecall. Faster than any jetplane. Anytime. Anywhere. Which is something I couldn’t do now.

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