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Thursday, December 28, 2006

At David's Lair

I have finally decided to visit a salon to have my hair done. After a looooong time. Must have been a couple of years or so. Many months ago, I could have gotten a perm or something if not for the following reasons. First, I got pregnant. And during the entire length of my pregnancy, I have not done anything to my hair. And I have totally stayed away from chemicals – unnecessary beauty products included. True, I only kept to a shampoo- conditioner- soap routine at that time. Then, I gave birth and decided to breast fed my baby. So even after giving birth, I also had second thoughts to have my hair done. Apart from the fact that I don’t have time to spare for a salon visit (a luxury I have only dreamed of), I reckon to protect myself and to spare my infant from any contact of any chemical of sorts. Especially since I had been breastfeeding. Later on, I had experienced “falling hair” which may be caused by hormonal change/imbalance, again eliminating the possibility of treating my hair. And so by choice and by chance, I skipped the trips to the parlor.

So after quite sometime, I had considered doing something to my hair, maybe straighten or rebond my hair. But have not really quite gotten into it. Until now. I had thought, it’s now or never. And I have decided to really see an expert for once (Note: I've had straightened my hair somewhere before and the result was horrible.). And this is the time. I am also doing this for the simple fact of pampering myself. Now, pampering is too lavish a word..but honestly I rarely do this. I mean, I have not pampered myself since I gave birth to an adorable son. And I am rewarding myself this time for being a slave-mother..heheh..

So off I went to a salon my officemate recommended… surrendered my fate to the hairdresser who held me captive in a salon chair for hours…and just when I thought I’m already done, the hairdresser announced to my surprise to iron my hair in segments..that’s about 3 hours of being immobile..of praying hard that I will not get seared with the 120-C iron..of enduring the heat..of straining my neck and heating my bum.... and then came out of the salon 5 hours later unscathed and already sporting an uneven just-below-the-shoulder straight hair.

For now suffice to say is that I am satisfied.

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