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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Something About...

You might have read one of my Thankful Thursday post at Makimeji where I mentioned about financial opportunity. I purposely left the specific detail out but few days ago, I had this burning desire to blog about it. Not so much to brag but to say my thanks for the people or group of people instrumental to this blessing.

One goes to Maiylah, for introducing it to me (or me to it). Another to Elina, the moderator, first for taking me under her wing (accepting my blog Verb even without a PR rating to speak of) and for giving me a chance to be a part of a growing community of bloggers who have taken the great leap to monetize their blogs - now collectively known as the Blogs Do Make Money community.

Yes, I was referring to BDMM in that post. For the most part, that is. I’ve worked for them c/o Elina for less than 2 months and boy was I satisfied. I am satisfied. I am really grateful to Elina and her team for coming up with good projects for everyone. Although one cannot have it all, I’ve been real blessed to have been able to avail of some great project slots.


A month ago, I was in this blogging crossroad of deciding whether to keep Verb or not. I have just started Makimeji then and on top of mothering and keeping an 8-hour job, I just had too much on my plate. (Can you hear my mother already screaming in the background and my son threatening to push the power button again?)

I still do the stressful balancing act from time to time, but I have decided to keep Verb. One because this is where I first started. I know, I know, I’m silly sentimental. Second, I just discovered the wonders of auto-posting with Wordpress (Makimeji) so it's easier to manage both blogs. Lastly, I’m honor-bound to keep Verb alive because of an advertiser who has bought “space” in this blog for a year period (and hopefully it’s going to continue ‘til I grow old! Heheh. Wish!). But, imagine to be paid in advance – again thanks to BDMM (time of payment is never an issue).

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Melanie said...

This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Wow!! So happy for you. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

maiylah said...

Hi Zen!
sus, karon ra jud ko kabasi ani ... thanks sad! :)
happy thursday!

grace said...

You've gone a long way, my friend. I remembered reading your blog in the early days...

Glad to know you are enjoying blogging and putting in some money making ideas too.