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Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Need Of Stylish Yet Functional Tables?

For the past 50 years, Burgess Furniture has been creating durable and stylish tables for some of the best hotels in the world. The Marriott. The Hilton. The Crowne Plaze. These are just few of the hotels where their furniture have graced - be it in conference rooms or dining halls.

Today, I want to mention four noteworthy designs from their six complementary table collection. These are the following: Flip-Top; Light-Fold; Slim-fold and System C.

The Flip-Top collection is composed of storable and collapsible types which are ideal for conference and meeting rooms. These pieces come in various shapes and layouts with chrome-polished steel underframes.

The Lightfold designs are round catering tables ideal for homes and party venues. I can imagine using them for garden parties because they are made of sturdy yet lightweight plastic.

Slim fold designs are those linking and folding tables which one has the option to assemble to create a bigger circular table or move to make an open ended round table or de-link to make separate single tables.

System C designs are stylish easy-linked tables for conference rooms. It is available in various sizes and finishes, depending on what fits the design and lay-out of the conference room.

I must say most pieces in their collection are functional and stylish. But you can see for yourself and check their designs of tables for banqueting, conferences and hotels. I'm sure you'll love their modern and traditional-structured tables.

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