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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flippin' Fitflops

I love slippers (or flipflops as others like to call it). They are airy. They are soft. They are lightweight. They are comfortable.

During my mini-vaca to Boracay, the only footwear I brought was a single pair of Photobucketflipflops. From the city to the beach, that’s all I really need (well, next to the sunscreen). But really, if you know me, that isn’t such a big surprise as I practically wear them anywhere. I wear them to the grocery (all the time!). I wear them in the office (trust me I do!). I wear them to church (believe it!). I’ve even worn them to a government office that doesn’t allow visitors wearing slippers (and yes, I was refused entry).

But despite this not too good experience, I still dig flipflops and use them most of the time. I have even bought a new pair of very soft flipflops from Brazil. It’s not like a pair from the Fit Flop collection though. But it would have been great if it has the micro wobbleboard™ technology of the Fitflops that help simulate a workout with every step one makes, thus helping one achieve a well-toned and trimmed muscles on the thighs and bum. Amazing ey? Imagine to be working out without going to the gym –that’s just every woman’s dream! But sadly, my new pair fall short because only with a pair of Fit Flops that that dream is made possible.

Fitflops are available in 6 colors and may be ordered at

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