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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Test Your F Abilities

One of the worst pick up line I ever heard was “You look so hot, are you thirsty?” I’m not the recipient of this though but a friend was. And when she related this incident to me, it just cracked me up. But had it been directed to me, I’d have slapped the guy who said it. I’m pretty violent huh? Lol. But don’t you agree it’s one of those pick-up lines that just won’t work? Or have you heard something more malevolent than that?

So why am I suddenly talking about the worst pick up lines? It’s because of the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game. Have you heard of it, or even played it already? It’s a game where one outflirts an opponent and a judge then picks the player who gives the pleasant flirting lines as winner and get the Victory Hair (which is achieved when two people meet, collide and get electricity coursing through their veins :-) )

If you haven’t played the game, try it and test your flirting abilities. I’ve been waiting to play it. Yesterday, I waited in the waiting room for more than an hour without success. But I’ll see what happens today -yup, I'm in the waiting room again!

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