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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mariah, Mariah

Just the other day, my sister and I were talking about Mariah Carey. New album, she said. Of course, I'd believe her. I'd believe her because, between the two of us, I would honestly admit that she's more into her. So into her that I suspect her partiality to anything with a butterfly (or butterflies) is Mariah-inspired. But undoubtedly, she’s a fan. Her playlist always includes Mariah’s songs. And she's updated when it comes to the going-ons in Mariah's life i.e. the unexpected outcome of the film Glitter (is that an understatement?), the dark phase of her career, her gigs, and other bits and pieces of her life and career.

But I too like Mariah. It's rather the "generic" liking. Who wouldn't, anyway? Just look at her. Look at how sexy and gorgeous she is. Or just listen to her. Listen to her belt Emotions (shocking, but I try to sing that with the videoke at home) or Hero or Vision of Love or I Thank God I Found You (which is one of my favorite Mariah songs). But the one thing really that appeals to me more about Mariah is that distinct singing style that perfectly suits her powerful voice. Without looking at the screen, or seeing it’s her singing, you can be sure it’s her. That. distinct. voice. of. hers. is. unmistakable.

And I brought home the unmistakable yesterday. I gave my sister this treasure. It's a sneak preview to that new album E=MC2 and her exclusive interview. (Actually, I was making amends because few weeks ago, my son tore the cover of one from her collection of Mariah's DVDs. Had my adorable Matt known that that was sexy Mariah in a flimsy attire, I’m sure he’d have kept the cover (wink!). But he’s just a kid who knows that papers are meant for tearing).
Viva la Soundcheck for saving this Mama's arse!

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1 comment:

Regina said...

I'm not much of a Mariah fan but from what I've seen and read on the internet this album is getting a lot of buzz!
I bet your sister will love it.