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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clothes, clothes...

Few days ago, I saw the need to purchase a new cabinet to house our clothes. And we did purchase one. Matt is growing up and so are his clothes –the size of his clothes at least. Considering the increase of size, his baby clothes took up most of the space of our old cabinet especially the unused ones that he received as presents on his birthday and Christmas.

And yes, I really don’t buy him much clothing because there are always family member who shower him with clothes as if there’s no tomorrow. And then he also receives a lot of hand-me- downs (that don’t look hand-me-down at all) from his cousins. So I rarely buy –except when really needed or really tempted.

Now speaking of temptation, look at these cute baby clothes at Sand Couture. Lovely right? The store is on sale and you can save up to 90%. Also, they offer free shipping for purchases over $75.

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