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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

After The Leaves Fall

I know I should have reviewed this book earlier but...(okay I'm going to spare every one the excuses). My apologies, anyway.

I was deciding which course to take with this book review...but decided to do a different review.

Title : After The Leaves Fall

Author : Nicole Baart

Number of Pages : 358

Characters : Julia DeSmit, GrandMa DeSmit

Part of the story that I didn't like:

It was the last meeting of Parker, her boyfriend of sorts, and Julia. I got so carried away with the book that I was raging. I felt her pain and I was raging. I wanted to just cry with her. It was all so unfair.

I just hated Parker for these lines: "Nobody has to know...." "Don't let it ruin our lives." All referring to the pregnancy, to that innocent bun in the oven.

Considering abortion as an option doesn't sound "mature" to me. Talk about sheer irresponsibility!

Part of the story that I love:

The part where Julia and her grandmother were exchanging Christmas gifts. The part when Julia unveiled her grandmother's gift. She was hesitant. Her grandmother, so understanding and loving, referred to the Bible as the "best road map."

It was a sweet and touching moment and I just love it.

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