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Monday, July 31, 2006

Away again

Another night spent here in my sis’ room. Another day spent without holding my son. By now, he must have been wondering why Mama has kept her distance. He’ll understand. Young as he is, I’ll make him understand that it’s better this way. I’d rather do this- sacrifice my need to be near him than take an unnecessary risk. But oh, how I missed playing with Matt!

The time I spent in the office today is uneventful. Yep, I reported to the office today, since I won’t have anything to do at home anyway (relative to my son, that is). I know that if I stay at home, I might end up just blogging, surfing and then blogging some more. And today, being a Sunday, I know we won’t get that much workload so I decided that I might as well save my VL and report to work.

I’m getting coughing fits every now and then. Although that terrible sore throat has waned a bit, I’ll still put it in my to-do list as top prio to visit the dr tomorrow. Get some medication, of course.

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