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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Camping out

I barely slept last night. I had trouble sleeping. I couldn’t breathe. Coughing fits.

I have been to the office earlier today. But I came down to accomplish the top of my prio list, that is, to visit the dr today. I was prescribed a one-dose 60ml antibacterial med which I took at home at 4Pm. This is my 1st time to take a 1-dose antibiotic. Those I know are taken daily for a week. According to its literature, the common side-effects of the drug include headache and loose bowel movement. As of this writing, I feel like I had one-too-many alcoholic drink. In a nutshell, drunk. Drugged. Literally. And I feel queasy in the stomach but I haven’t had a bathroom trip though. The text under its name says “prolonged- releasing granules.” I wonder if it means I will have to feel like this for days, maybe a week. Oh!

It's now 5PM. I hope to feel a little better an hour from now. But better or not, I’ll still be camping in my sis’ room. And will be sleeping with the stuff toys, among other litter that dominates her bed.

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