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Saturday, July 29, 2006


I decided not to work today to have my much needed rest. I felt so bad yesterday. I have muscle pains all over my body. Must be flu.

Last night, I had to take some med to control the slight fever, and then I had asked my sister to give me body massage to relieve me of some body pains. And it was the first time I slept away from my son even if I'm at home. My mother and sis slept beside him. I had a hard time sleeping the other night. Must be because of the sore throat. Or the cold (Matt has trouble sleeping without the aircon, so I had to endure it the whole night).

My father and mother alternately are taking care of my son today. (Bless them.) I haven’t been able to hold Matt today.

Today, I have to sleep in my sister’s room (where this PC sits desolately) to keep myself from transmitting virus or bacteria (God forbids!). I was to “recuperate” here. But the PC must have been mocking me in its silence.

I hope to feel better tomorrow.

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