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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I have been tinkering with our PC since I came home; trying to test whether the video card is defective. When I came out of my sister's room (where the PC is), Mother saw me with a screwdriver in my hand. Was it panic or concern painted on her face? The kind that says I'm-concerned-whether-you-know-how-to-use-the-screwdriver. When she stopped,
she asked me if she should call somebody to fix the PC.

Ouch! Sometimes, she forgets my line of work. Although I cannot trust myself with serious
troubleshooting with gizmos and gadgets, I can at least perform simple tests, basic troubleshooting. Be it work-related or not. Just the basic though, like resetting BTS (well, there's always a reset button somewhere, smirk! ), replacing plug-in units (replace and replace until it works, hehe), commissioning BTS (we only click the buttons on the screen)? I could go on if that can erase the weird look on her face. (Ma, are you reading this now?heheh)..

Kidding aside, I just wanted to assure her that although these things are not really "pieces-of-cake" for me, but that I can manage. For now.

*Note BTS- in layman's term , the cellsite. Calls using the mobile phone is possible with the help of the BTS.

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