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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Advance Happy Mother's Day

The country is still celebrating Pacquiao’s big win last Sunday. The print and broadcast media (and the blogging community too) are all talking about him. But why not. Pacman is one big newsmaker indeed and he always makes the Filipinos happy with his conquests in the boxing arena. I can just imagine how jubilant his family must be with this recent victory. I bet Aling Dionisia must be the proudest and happiest mother in Las Vegas these days. The victory must have been an advance Mother’s Day gift to her. *grin*

Now speaking of Mother’s Day, I’m so stumped as to what I’m going to give my mother this weekend. I surely am no Pacquiao in terms of wealth (and strength) but I’d also like to give “something” to my mother on Mother’s Day. The only thing is, I still don’t know what that “something” would be. *smile* I’m actually deciding whether to buy her a gift myself or to give her the resources to buy herself a gift. But I'm leaning on the latter.

Now how about you, what are you giving your mother (or the mother of your kids) on Mother’s Day? Are you picking up a book for her? Or a new car perhaps? Jewelry?

For those of you who are looking into jewelry gift items, Gemz N Gold, a designer and manufacturer of high quality jewelry in California USA has a wide collection of eye-catching designs that will surely capture every woman's heart. So why not say Happy Mother's Day with these diamond-studded pieces?

I'd have given my mother one of these too if only she's fond of jewelry (but she's not). BTW, as Mother's Day offer, Gemz N Gold is including a red jewelry box for your every purchase of jewelry on or before May 11, 2009.

(To all moms out there: Happy Mother's Day!)

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