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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Nine #2

Saturday 9: The Happy Labor Day Meme

1. What are you doing special this weekend for Labor Day? Mmm, go to church. I haven't been to church for a couple of weeks, due to illness and a speaking engagement.

2. What was your best vacation this past summer? Going to Boracay. It's a beautiful place to be...crystal clear waters, pristine white sand... *sigh*

3. Did you do anything special for the 4th of July? No, we don't celebrate that in this country.

4. What did you do special for Memorial Day? -same with #3-

5. How was the weather? Tell us where you live and how the weather was as compared to summers past.

I'm in a tropical country...ther'es been few storms these past few months but generally, the weather is great - but sometimes too warm during the day.

6. Did you discover a new favorite summer drink? No.

7. Did you enjoy this summer’s Olympics? The opening was superb!

8. I am from New England (Rhode Island). Lobster rules supreme in the summer. Is lobster part of your summer ritual? Unfortunately, not here. But it would have been wonderful. I so love lobsters.

9. What was the best single day of your summer? Can't think of only a single day. :-)

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Sounds like you had a great summer if you can't pick out the best day! Have a great weekend!

NurseExec said...

Loved your Saturday nine! Have a great weekend :)