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Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogging And Finding A Good Webhost

Blogging has taken quite a permanent place in my heart. Although I have managed to somehow control and curb my addiction, I have to admit that somehow it has become an integral part of me.
It certainly has also taught me to enjoy what life has to offer. I made friends online and I have learned so much about the online world thru blogging. As I have later ventured to paid blogging, I have seen monetary rewards one can receive thru blogging.

When I first started blogging, I had thought “okay I can do this for a year and we’ll see.” Somehow that has changed, I’m still here now and loving every minute of it. And for this reason, I have brought my online existence to another level –and that is to get my own domain and host on my own. I have heard of bloggers who were not satisfied with their webhosts but I have been really blessed to find a reliable webhost (which my sister recommended). In fact, I have not met a problem while with this webhosting provider and their technical support is superb.

With this, I’m really thankful that I have checked around and asked for suggestions from people I trust. Reviews are also very helpful. I do believe it’s a sound idea to check what others think before deciding. There are also good sources of these reviews where you can also check webhost ratings.

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