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Friday, February 08, 2008

Love-Hate Meme

Again from the pit called Drafts. This is a Regina-MaryT combo meme.

  1. I love to eat: fruits and seafoods.
  2. I hate to eat: canned goods.
  3. I love to go: to the bookstores or children's shops.
  4. I hate to go: to work when it's raining or when my son begs for me to stay home.
  5. I love it when: I spend time with my family.
  6. I hate it when: my husband goes back to his workbase.
  7. I love to see: my son grow up to be a fine man.
  8. I hate to see: kids begging for food, etc.
  9. I love to hear: music and laughter.
  10. I hate to hear: a scraping sound.

BTW, my Thankful Thursday post is here.

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Melanie said...

That was a fun meme!!

~Yen~ said...

Sis, you have something in my blog:D Xo Happy Weekend!