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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Echelon Conspiracy

I watched Echelon Conspiracy the other day (in the office) and all I can say is...

Shane West is soooo cute! Lolz.

Okay, okay that sounded stupid but I don't have much in my pocket to give for the film-if you get the drift. Although I think the beginning of the movie is a bit interesting, as the film rolled, I went "ah ok" all the while disappointment slowly crept in. Among other things, the car chase scenes in Moscow are pretty dragging and should have been cut. And then near the end, the scene where the main character Max (played by West) was talking with a computer is unbelievable, maybe even hilarious.

But other than that, I choose to not say anything. *wink* And really, Shane West is too cute. Hehe.

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