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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Funny how I panicked over a piece of paper that I suspected to be lost. You read it right, Just a piece of paper. My college diploma.
Because I couldn't find it in my personal folders at home and in the office, I began to panic. It's so amazing how the 5 years of blood, sweat and tears I spent in college could be rolled in one tangible thing- a piece of paper that can easily be misplaced (worst, reduced to ashes in few seconds when burned).
I could compromise an opportunity of working abroad just because I couldn't provide my college diploma! And what if I'd lose my job now, I'd run the risk of being jobless forever because there's no diploma to corroborate my claim of having graduated a course. What happens to us then.
Haunted with these thoughts, I was so frightened that I might have lost it somehow. So today, I risked being late for work and used the few minutes I could spare in the morning (before going to work) looking for it. It was a hurried and desperate hunt..I opened all possible folders I could set my hands on (at home) , panic slowly turning to frustration every minute that passed without catching a glimpse of it.
But after what seemed like eternity, I'm glad I found it. Stacked along with my old documents, there my diploma lay -- still crisp but already worn in the edges; the acidic paper has slowly turned to yellow with time.
But then what if I haven't found it? I'd lose all my dreams ..and my dreams for my family, for my darling Matt..down the drain just because of losing a piece of paper.

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