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Friday, September 08, 2006


Maybe I have been so used with the presence of some men in my life, and the things they do for me. Before you get things wrong, let me explain. When my two brothers are still living in our house, I could just ask them to fix the light, the door, check the faucet, pick some coconuts (true!).. Or there are times, that before I could ask them these favors, one of them has already done what was still in my mind. I don’t think I am ultra-dependent on them. Contrary to that, I believe in the essence of self reliance. And though in fact I hate the picture of me being a damsel in distress, I think their presence can sometimes save you from other tasks.

But those were the days. Papa @ 64 is still healthy, thanks God. But there are things I don’t want to burden him with. Or there are new technology which he has not gotten used with. Like repairing the remote controls. Or the PC.

Or some other task which I could be only too happy to delegate..hehe..


These days, with only Mama, Papa, my sister, me and my son – Matt at home- among us, I was left to do some things, my husband or brothers could have easily done. I miss those days, not because I hate these tasks but because with a tot --as hyperactive as Matt is--around, I already have more than enough in my hands.