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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Lobster's Tail

* I should have been doing a Halloween-themed WW entry but thought otherwise last minute. I actually prepared a picture for Halloween but I'll be showing this later, in another WW post. I decided to show the lobster tail today because I got few comments asking about its tail.

So from my last WW post, here's a look of its tail.

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Help from CouponChief

I did mention in my previous post that because Christmas is just around the bend, I am trying to save all I can for the giftlist I still have to make.

This morning though, when I came across the online coupons from CouponChief, not only was I reminded of the list, I also found a wide array of good offers that could help manage the budget.

I have found interesting coupons there, like the Puma coupons that made me think of my father, who mentioned to me the other day something about a yellow shirt he wanted to buy. (Now, when I do find a yellow shirt for him, wouldn't it be cool to give my mother an identical shirt as well?)

Also, there are Converse coupons for those big Converse fans like my sister (and me). And how can I not mention the Body Shop deals I discovered? ;D

So go check the online coupons now. You or your pet, since they also have PETsMART coupons, might just be glad you checked.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


If all these mails were true...

I would be in a Caribbean cruise,

Or sipping piƱacolada while lazily lounging under the Hawaiian sun.


I wouldn’t be warming my butt on this gray office chair and monitoring cellular problems.


I would have millions of moolah to my name by now (and have a number of a Swiss bank in my phonebook :D).


But because these mails are hoax, I am right here sitting on this gray ergo seat and patiently deleting all of these.

And just dreaming.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lobster cooking

When my boss came back from a family trip to the fishing capital, he brought with him some goodies from the sea.

Among these were some lobsters, which I eagerly purchased because not only were they fresh, the price was so attractive. Imagine, these scrumptious crustaceans were offered to me at about 70% lower than the regular restaurant price. Ah, simply irresistible.

Taken before it took the plunge in the pot with boiling water

Now, I am not a cooking expert (nor have I tried cooking lobsters prior to this) so I have no idea on how to prepare it. But I’m just glad I found some good sites in the Internet that walked me through the process of preparing/cooking lobsters.

Some of these helpful sites are:


Lobster Recipes

Lobster Liberation

But in the end, I opted for the easiest way (for me) which was to boil the lobster. Using a large pot, I heated some water ( and added a dash of salt into it). When the water was already boiling, I immersed the lobster and waited until shell was already bright red. (Note: As to the specific timing details, there’s info of that here.)

As I didn’t have time to experiment with the dip I already had my sister seated at our dining table even before I could serve it :D, I just served it with my very regular all-time favorite dip composed of vinegar, lemon, crushed garlic clove and a dash of salt. Even with that simple dip, it was still delectable.

If you have recipe, tips, etc.. re lobster preparation/cooking, please email/or post a comment. I appreciate all the help I can get for my next kitchen adventure (with a lobster!).

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Post from the newest Postie!

Christmas season is fast approaching and I couldn’t help but think of what to give this Christmas.

Oh let’s not argue about commercialism in relation to Christmas this time. Maybe next time. Grin.

Have you made your gift list yet?

Me, I have not. I have not made my actual gift list yet, but I have been mentally making some notes and have been racking my brain for an appropriate gift to members of my family. Will I give a book, a gadget, a bag or clothes to them? I’ve also been thinking of the number of nieces, nephews and inaanak (godchildren) waiting in the sideline for some Christmas goodies. But for these kids, it’s fairly easy for me as I intend to give them either a book or something to wear. Ah, but there are also my friends whom I wanted to give tokens of appreciation for their love and all. What will I get for them? I really am not certain with that.

But what I’m certain at the moment is that I surely need some cash for all these gifts.

With that (or them) in mind, I’ve been looking opportunities to earn extra moolah. I've heard from friends who have earned much from the Internet and the name PayPerPost constantly pops up.

So, I have signed up for PayPerPost. And I’m crossing my fingers, hoping I’ll get additional cash for my next shopping trip.

How about you? Join me and try PayPerPost now.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Click the picture for more Thankful Thursday participants

  • I’m thankful that my dear son Matt, who got sick with the bad case of bronchitis, is recovering now.
  • I'm thankful for a pediatrician, who was so gentle and understanding and who prescribed medications for Matt.
  • For the medicines that ease his condition.
  • I’m also thankful for things like camphor and eucalyptus. They are so useful; and their scent not only soothes my son but me as well.
  • I'm so grateful for my family, for helping me care for my son. I couldn’t have imagined taking care of him all by myself.
  • For the strength God gave me during the harrowing days he was sick. I was sleepless and I had missed some mealtimes, but I survived.
  • For the person(s) who organized the SPArty. A relaxing massage was just what I need after those stressful four days when I stayed 24H with Matt - carrying him and rocking him to sleep. And the timing couldn't have been perfect! Plus, everything -including an all-natural facial session- was all for free. Wonderful!
  • For the change of work sked I had. My restdays now are Sundays and Mondays. This means I can go to church regularly and that I don’t have to make hurried exits during family affairs, usually held on a Sunday.
  • For the friends I have in the Blogosphere who take time to visit and send heart-warming messages.
  • For Crystal, for hosting the Thankful Thursday.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tackle It- Emails Atbp

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

"You've got mail." What a pleasant announcement that is. Receiving mails always brighten my day. Almost always, that is (depending on the content :D).

But when it says you've got near a thousand mails, how'd you feel? A thousand! Oh, water please.

When I got in the office today and found a lot of mails waiting for my attention, I felt this strong desire to get a shovel and start digging. Smile!

Thus, my tackle today is my mails. I've actually started my "digging" but I have yet to sort through the piles of emails in my other e-mailboxes.

After my initial digging, my office mailbox says I still have 701 mails to go.
(Note: Image edited to abide with company policy/security issues)

P.S. Having that much mail in the box could only mean either one hasn't been around in awhile or one hasn't been reading enough mails. Lol. My case is actually the former (because my dear son got sick). So if you haven't felt my presence in awhile, there goes the reason. ;D hope to catch up with everyone later.


On another note, I have not participated in Tackle It for quite sometime but I have found some entries in my Drafts that should have been posted for this meme. I thought I'll just include this now.

It's the desktop de-cluttering I did one Tuesday after I did the Desktop Free View tag. My desktop then was such a mess (the icons were definitely in total disarray!) and I thought it would be nice to give it a face lift. So here goes the final product of that tackle.

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. (Thanks to Ellen Fletcher)
-Albert Schweitzer

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lessons from a 23-month old


Matt yelled to a chicken that was perching atop our fence: “Chicken, get down!”
And in a serious and thoughtful tone added, "Uh fall." (Fall hah! :D)


After I had repeatedly declined his request to play with my phone, he said “Howd only.” Hold only.


I was angry one day, and was all quiet. Sensing my strange silence and seeing my dour countenance, Matt came up and tried to entertain appease me. However, I was not making eye contact to him. “Ma, V-pa-power**?” No response. “Ma, drive car.” Still, I was quiet and not making eye contact to him. After more tries, he finally reached over and planted a very wet kiss on my lips.

**V-pa-power is Matt’s way of saying V-Power, which is a type of gasoline from Shell.


Me: Matt, don’t bang your guitar on the floor.

But banging still continued.

Me: Okay. I’ll have to keep the guitar if you continue the banging.

Matt: J-O-Y, down….. (singing the I’ve Got JOY Down in my Heart song).

Recall: The story of the Alphabet Song.


“Hug-a Mama. Sorry.” Always. And in an oh-so sweet tone.


Greet everyone and anyone.

Morning, fish! (or chicken or Barney or Kermit, etc..)

And to people he doesn't even know: Morning, tao.***

Go-night, Bobby.

After attending a birthday party, he said “Happy Birthday, car.”

***tao means man


"Kermit," Matt gently said while bringing the bottle of Chamyto on Kermit’s lips and pouring the contents all over him.


Me: Matt, why are you crying?

Matt, referring to me: [you are] Talking to [a] man.


Me, seeing Matt atop his toy basket: What are you doing?

Matt: Switch[ing] on-a light.

(But of course!)


Matt: My name is [our home address].

Whoa! This happened after I taught him the my-name-is and I-live-in concepts all at once.


Seeing Mama angry, Matt said in a placating tone: Maaaaa. Inom**** Bajajesic.

Matt’s Bajajesic means Biogesic, a Paracetamol brand.

****inom means to drink

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Giveaway: Deceptively Delicious

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

An Island review will be giving out 2 copies of the Deceptively Delicious book to two lucky winners picked at random. So here's to hoping one will land on my hands. Smile.

Maybe you'll be lucky too :D, so try and head over the place. Deadline is on the 19th of October. Hali ka na!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Supporting WhyMommy

Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And a timely thing has happened - I found one wonderful blog that has so touched me. It's WhyMommy's.

On this note, I'm also joining

to build the Wall of Support for her as well as those others who are also fighting this deadly disease.

I also thought to pass this blog bling,

which Melanie at Our Happy Happenings gave me few days back to WhyMommy for inspiring many women -me included- with your courage through your poignant posts.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Things that scare me

There are times in our lives when our hands would get clammy and we’d feel queasy in the stomach. We would shiver and get goose-pimply all over. We’d have our heart pounding a hundred beats per second. We’d lose the natural healthy color on our face and in its place would be a ghastly ashen look. Or we would be restless, anxious and apprehensive. There are also times when we would be just silent and in thoughtful countenance, but nervous all the same. On few occasions, we couldn’t help but let out either a short yelp or a blood-curdling scream, depending on the impact of a certain stimulus on us. But these reactions are just few of the tell-tale signs of fear.

Needless to say, the factors/stimuli that trigger these reactions vary from one individual to another. So, let me just speak for myself and list down some of the things/events that make me feel these .

Blood and mutilated bodies of animals (humans included). Just the mere mention of these sends chills down my spine so I will not elaborate.

Driving. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's driving this side of the globe that makes driving a nightmare. But really, I am battling against this nightmare. I hope the face-your-fear-to-conquer-it works because I’ve been traveling with this fellow nicknamed Fear and facing him almost everyday for almost a year but the feeling of apprehension every time I take the wheel has not waned one bit! Maybe one day soon, I’d figure out a way to unbuckle and drop him off the road.

My son, or what he does. Sometimes, what he does is too much for a mother’s heart. Example, he likes to hurl himself head first at our walls (which explains why we have cushions placed on some parts of our bedroom walls). Much to my concern, he is also fascinated with electric outlets and likes to explore them when he can find the chance to. (No, outlet covers don't work because he knows how to manipulate them.) Then, he loves dogs. But how can something so endearing such as affection plants terror in a mother's heart, you may ask. He loves dogs so much so that he would chase even stray dogs with every intention to hug them, which in turn makes me bolt and run after him while shouting "Matt, rabies!!!" But except for these things (and some more others :D), he is a very adorable boy who gets so much fun seeing terror in my eyes likes to laugh and play around.

Quick note: Parenthood, they say, is really not for the faint of heart and (I might just add) slow in action so then I have no choice but to be strong and quick.

Losing my sight. The prospect of going blind terrifies me. I cannot imagine waking up one day and seeing the world in total darkness. I cannot imagine not being able to see the lights and the colors around me. I cannot imagine not seeing the the gamut of expressions on the faces of people I interact with everyday, most especially my loved ones. Are they frowning? Smiling? Is there a twinkle in their eyes? Not being able to see all that would be pure torture to me.

Losing my memory. I dread of being afflicted with the Alzheimer’s disease. Imagine the feeling of not knowing anything, even who you are. Scary.

Mosquitoes. It’s a wonder that something so small could cause me anxiety and sleepless nights! But they do scare me more than cockroaches. First reason why I feel skittish and could hardly sleep when I hear a buzzing sound is, these tiny vampires are the culprit behind Dengue and Malaria - deadly diseases which are prevalent in tropical countries like the Philippines.

Second reason is, in my mind they are deadlier and that they could be more than just Dengue and Malaria carriers - these bloodsuckers could be AIDS carriers, too! I know, I know it’s the world’s most ridiculous thought ever conceived but I’ve been thinking, what difference is the needle or an IV from the proboscis (needle-like mouth of a female mosquito)? What if a mosquito bit someone afflicted with AIDS then gets on to its next victim- me, perhaps? Surely it could transmit AIDS! Of course, I've realized that my theory is totally unfounded and way off tangent; and truth is, I've certainly found all the reason(s) to make me believe that that’s simply impossible but a paranoid little voice inside me still asks what if?


Written for the October Write-Away Contest over at Scribbit. If you're interested to join - you still have time since deadline is still on Wednesday October 17, so hali ka na, come and join the fun.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thanks #2

Maiylah, who writes at Life Snippets and who posts beautiful shots of this and that (she's really a great photographer) gave me this.

Thanks, Maiylah. I am really touched with this gesture (and I'm feeling like Reese Witherspoon during Oscar 2006 Awards night! Yikes. Grin). But really, thanks a lot for thinking of me. I appreciate it a lot.

Now, I am passing this to... (drumroll please). And the Oscar, este Nice Matter Award goes to the following:




The New Parent

Happy blogging everyone!

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Driving 101 (this side of the globe)

Dear Zenaida,

I am aware that you are trying your best to learn the mechanics of driving. I have noted your strong determination and let me assure you that you are improving. You are making progress in maneuvering through the horrendous traffic. You are making progress in facing intimidating drivers and dealing with formidable bigger-than-yours vehicles. I understand how frightening this must be for you but I can only imagine what you have to go through everyday. I understand because I have observed how your hands get clammy and cold everytime you take the wheel. But you are making progress in conquering your fear.

Although you are making it impossible for me to breathe at times - oh how you choke me with the way you grip on the wheel too tightly your knuckles turn ashen (and the bones protrude menacingly), I will not complain. Instead, I am offering these pointers below to make things easier and less stressful for all of us:

  • Always use a seatbelt even if the rest of the motorists do not.

  • Animal carcasses lying on the road should not bother you. There are not so many of them you see but once in a while, you will.

  • In reality, the one-car-apart rule will put you in trouble. That empty space attracts interested parties to head over in that direction and literally gets you in the middle of trouble.

    Fiesta Traffic

  • Never compete with PUV (public utility vehicle) drivers. Ever. It’s for your own safety. I am not sure if YIELD exists in their dictionary.
  • Always –even if you have the right of way- YIELD to these drivers. It pays to show them that yield or drivers who yield do exist.

  • Expect that some of these drivers will change lanes at the last second and block the way. With the number of drivers who do this, if you don’t, chances are you’ll be scowling at the first person you meet. It will only ruin your day even before you started it.

  • When you are in an intersection and the light says “Go,” be very careful as you proceed. You might cross paths with drivers who like to ignore the red light flashing in their direction and still drive all the way.

  • More often than not, the horn will save your day (and your passengers). There are pedestrians and motorists who need to be reminded that they are traversing a shared resource unless you honk the horn.

  • Do not let jeepneys stopping in the middle of a highway to unload/load passenger affect you so much. My theory is, if each jeepney doing that can cause a single crease on the face then chances are, before you reach your destination, you’ll have pre-mature wrinkles all over.

  • Pay extra attention to the buses. They are like anacondas – forgive me for the term- ready to eat you alive if you get in their way. Trust me. Do not forget the frightening episode you have had. Thankfully, you were able to swerve to the shoulders of the road out of harm’s way in time. I understand you were so shaken you had to stop for a moment to catch your breath and gather yourself.)

  • Bikes -->
    motorelas -->
    and trisikad (or traysikad) -->

    cruising along the highway are pretty normal. But at least you’re not competing with cows! And think about how blessed you are.

Til the next drive. Happy driving. And please keep these in mind at all times.

With much concern,

The Steering Wheel ;D


The author has no intention of discouraging young aspiring drivers or warding off possible visitors in this town (or in this country, for that matter).

To read on someone's experience of driving in the Philippines, click here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Where-Is-The-Flag Game

So it was 2 months ago that we put up these posters but it was not until a couple of weeks ago that we have actually been using them, particularly the Flags of the World poster.

One day, he was eyeing them with interest in his eyes. “Sickle (circle).” “Star.” He said, while pointing to the familiar shapes he recognized. The unmistakable sparkle in his eyes and the eagerness in his voice gave me the go-signal to start touring around the world (and all for free!), albeit with the use of the flags.

Needless to say, a play-learn game also began on that day when I scooped him in my arms to face the collection of flags. By playing the Where-Is-The-Flag (of a country) game, tour we slowly did. Usually, I ask where-is and he’d point at the flag. Other times, I give him the liberty to point and tell me what (flag) country he’s pointing at.

Currently, he’s able to identify 17 flags. But I’m not in a hurry. Matt is only 22-months old. Besides, it’s just a game. He may continue playing, or he may not – and it would still be fine with me. It’s certainly up to him.

But we really have been touring everyday (and even several times in a day). On Matt’s cue, of course.

Like the books that I have given Matt, these visual aids are only made available to him without the thought of ever forcing him to learn these. He could choose to chew, tear or read the books and that will be fine with me (on the second thought, I could be frowning in the first 2 seconds but after that I'll definitely be okay -somehow, I'll find a way to put all the pieces back together :D). But the moment he says “Mama, read” or “Mama, tractor” or something like that, then I will readily be there to guide him. At least that’s my approach to his learning – by letting him take the lead.

Now back to the flags. If you’re wondering how I introduced the flags to a barely-2-year-old tot, here are some points:

1. Tell him of his current location or his origin. I started by telling my son of the country he is from. Consequently, the very first flag learned was the Philippine flag (for Matt, it's 'fins').
This could also be the reason why he usually says “Fins, Mama” when he wants us to play with the flags.

2. Speak of the loved ones who could be in this or that country. A child can easily grasp the information if a relationship is conveyed (or if you make a connection). “Canada is where Tita Che is,” I used to say. To this day, Matt (usually while pointing to the flag) still says, “Can’da, Tita Che.” Similarly, he’s learned to identify other flags like South Korea, Japan , United Kingdom and the USA.

3. Pick a flag that is obviously different. A very different flag or strange-looking one could have an advantage. An example of this would be Nepal.

4. Associate the flags according to the symbols or figures in them that a child could readily identify. Lebanon (has) a tree; Hongkong, flower; Brazil, globe; Switzerland, cross; Israel- stripes and a star; Kenya, (looks like) a spider; and Barbados, a fork.

5. Let him take the lead. In some instances, a child might point or show some interest on a particular flag. Tell him about it. Like this morning, Matt was pointing to the flag of Bahrain so I told him about it. This afternoon, when we were playing (again!), he was able to identify it (plus two others namely, Tonga and Vietnam).

6. As with other things, give praises or encouragement. Conveying your approval to a child when he has correctly identified something could help bolster his confidence. If he makes mistakes, you could tell him that it’s okay and to try (and try) again.

7. Make learning fun (for both of you). Promise not to laugh, but I am not way above from making exaggerated noises and funny faces (usually when he makes mistakes). Although it makes me feel oh-so silly at times, but hey it’s just a game so I'll make it like one and be the silliest. Besides, I think my son loves it. And he’s catching up, too. My imp of a son would tease me by pointing to the wrong flag and then he'd look intently at my face. After I make my funny-silly act capped with a fake fallen look, he’d take a cursory glance over the flags, point to the correct one and look at me in the face with mischief dancing in his eyes and playing on his lips. Hah! He is definitely enjoying it as much as I do.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thankul Thursday

Click the picture for more Thankful Thursday participants

Another week has passed and it's Thursday once again -time to say my thanks!
  • I'm thankful for my and my family's good health.
  • For my parents who always guide me.
  • For my friends who always brighten my day, adn some of these are friends I made in Blogville. They always make me smile -or laugh.
  • For the rain.
  • For God's provision.
  • For the mercy of God everyday of my life.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tagged : Nothing but the Truth

The New Parent likes for me to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. It's about things -or things that people say, do, think.. that don't sit well with me. So here goes:

Abuse. Of any form- verbal, physical, emotional, etc. Drug abuse. Environmental abuse. Abuse of power.

Excuses. There’s no need to make a big production of every apology, a simple “I’m sorry” would suffice. (I’ll eventually ask questions, so save your explanations for later. Grin.)

Extravagance. I’m really okay with this but it's entirely another story if you sacrifice your - or your family's need over a want. And then PLEASE don’t tell me you’re broke and don’t ask me to loan you some money when just the other day you were flaunting the Patek and Louis Vuitton bag you bought over the weekend.


  • that presents/gifts should be expensive. (It need not be, but if it’s expensive and it’s for me then, thank you very much! Chuckle.) Seriously now, it shouldn’t necessarily be expensive, what’s important is the gesture.
  • (or the cliche saying) that history repeats itself.

Expectation that we immediately, with just a blink of an eye, become experts (of whatever). Be considerate (am pretty sure it will be greatly appreciated if you give allowance for some mistakes).

Smoking in a public vehicle (hence, exposing non smokers to sidestream smoke). Again, please be considerate.

Speaking of consideration.. When I see a pregnant woman or an old woman standing in a public transportation while few feet away a number of beings belonging to the young and strong population sit comfortably. Have mercy.

Assumptions. Please spare me.

Flattery will get you anywhere. Please, please, I am begging you, please don’t.

Now I'm tagging: Maiylah, Lutchi, Tiff and ZJ.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Take charge

"History repeats itself."

What a sad thing to say. Even if it’s not directed to me, I feel sad when I hear someone say this. But sad is an understatement. I take offense as I can feel the inequality of this statement very similar to when I hear someone say that because his father is a thief, he- the son- will one day become a thief too. How unfair.

Or just because a country had gone down the economic rut in the past that it’s going to plunge to the same rut again. Maybe. But then, maybe not. And what a hasty judgment to say that history will repeat itself.

With its negative undertone, it’s a creepy, hope-crushing life sentence to anyone. Just imagine being sentenced to a future based on a past you may or may not have direct control of. What a gross injustice.

It’s maybe true that what happened in the past will play an important part in the present time. But the past do not have a power on anyone, unless one lets it.

That’s why I beg to disagree. History will not repeat itself. But history will repeat itself if we let it.

We cannot be like a leaf riding the tide of the past and letting it carry us to unwanted shores. We are not helpless. We can make a difference to the here-and-now.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”


History repeats itself. I cannot believe that. I cannot surrender the chance I have to make a difference in the future.

And I believe that the present time is a battle to make a better future. I believe in taking action, of taking charge of our lives. I believe in renewal. I believe in prayers. Most of all, I believe in a Greater Being who makes miracles.

So who are we to say that history will repeat itself?

The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination.”

John Schaar

We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we have only borrowed it from our children.”

Ancient Proverb

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Click the picture for more Thankful Thursday participants

I was sleeping on Saturday and when I opened my lids, it's already Thursday! Already October! Okay, that's an exaggeration but time flies real fast! And funny because we sometimes race against time. And in the hope of keeping up with the frantic pace of everyday living, we sometimes forget. We forget the little yet significant things-or events that make us think, cry, smile, throw fits of laughter or make us realize how how great it is to be alive.

I forget, too.

But thanks God for dropping pieces of "packages" here and there. They help me slow down, they help make the hours and days not go by in a blur, with me not having the slightest memory - que horror! - of what-has-been.

These are things like the mistakes I made over the past week. Makes me feel human and imperfect. And I like that because it means I cannot rely on myself alone but with the Greater Being who reigns over the heavens and Earth.

Like a job offer. Not for me though, it's for BH. Gives us the chance to ponder on our options, to speak from the heart and share our thoughts on the possibilities this offer could bring.

Like the traffic. Yes, the traffic and on my way to work last Tuesday, it was unbelievable. I am grateful that I was able to drive through the traffic and I arrived safely to my destination. And I am thankful that we have a vehicle that could bring us from point A to B.

And then, I am thankful for the people I work with. My officemates. They have become my friends and they make my working life much easier. Also, they are very kind to bring me home when my shift ends at so late at night. And to think that my house is a long way drive from the office.

Then, there's the office boy who keeps the office, the toilet and the pantry clean and who buys us our food.

The guards who open the gate, who sometimes help me find a cab and who offer an umbrella when it's raining.

And today, I'm truly thankful to be alive and to be able to write this Thursday post.

Psalms 107:1  Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Ana gave me this blogging award a week ago and I almost forgot about passing it on.

Anyway. Ana, thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Brad Egel created this award and started the egg rolling to pass the love around.

So I'm passing some love to:

Maiylah at Life Snippets

Grace at Sandier Pastures

Melanie at Our Happy Happenings

Annie at My Life As Annie

Whew! What a great way to start the month. Happy blogging everyone!

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Bless you

My dinner this evening is exceptionally early.

On most days when, like today, I work alone from 2PM to 10PM, dinner is usually at 11PM or so. First, because being the personnel-on-duty, I feel responsible of every goings-on in the network. And so I do not want to risk leaving my post unmanned. Second, I do not like eating dinner alone so I’d rather sup when I get home after my shift. (I’d be the last to eat dinner but at least I'd have someone –like my mother- to talk with while I sup.)

But there are also times when I’m lucky to be paired with someone who likes to eat dinner on time. In these few times, I’d be thankfully full in the stomach by 8PM.

Now today, except for the guards, I’m working alone in the office. I didn’t bring dinner as I intend to eat at home. Tonight though, my stomach was unusually not cooperative and was already grumbling before 7PM.

But thanks to our former utility man who now works as part-time rigger* and who lives just ober da bakod. He came and first volunteered to buy for my meal (I have a hunch that one of the guards must have told him of my need) but ended up sharing some of his dinner with me. I offered to pay him but much to my embarrassment, he plainly refused to take any payment for the food.
So if I cannot pay him, GOD will. May he be blessed today and for always.

*rigger – in telco speak, someone who install/troubleshoot equipment installed in towers.

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